Why choose us?

Why choose us?

Our trainers are friendly, fully qualified and professional. They are experienced trainers within the ambulance service and have over eight years practical experience responding to emergency calls as Community First Responders (who are often the first person on the scene of an accident or emergency, to respond to the situation while waiting for an ambulance to arrive).

Assist First Aid Training courses offers a wide range of first aid training activities within the familiar surroundings of your business, at a time to suit you.

All companies must be able to provide immediate assistance should anyone be taken ill or injured in the workplace, so it is your responsibility to ensure that a recognised qualification has been provided. This is where we come in. We will fit a first aid course into your working program of events, giving you and your staff the necessary knowledge and skills to administer First Aid should it be required, and we can provide this training in the comfort of your own workplace.

If you work with children it is especially important to be a qualified first aider, and our Paediatric First Aid training is ideal. It will cover the basics of first aid involving children and infants as casualties, and you will be confident in the knowledge that you can take care of the situation should a child in your care need medical attention. It is important to be able to treat a child’s injury, as this can avoid the need for an ambulance which could be needed to deal with a more severe injury elsewhere.

Our First Aid at Work Course and training is one of our most popular programmes, giving a knowledge of all of the most important aspects of First Aid for adults, children and infants alike. This first aid training is perfect for anyone working in an office or other workplace without children around, as it covers a wider range of injuries and illnesses without having to focus on those suffered primarily by children.

Contact Assist First Aid for more information on our first aid courses in Sussex, Surrey and the Southeast.

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