The Montessori Children’s House

This is Khola bandaging Isabelle’s leg, after making sure there was nothing embedded and giving it a good clean.  What is missing though?  Remember to always wear gloves if you are treating a casualty with any bodily fluid showing! Dangers of contamination.

(Khola had already used her gloves on a previous practice but was ‘pretending’.) The children and staff at The Montessori Children’s House in Sutton is a safer place to be!!

Open wounds are prone to infection. Suggestions to reduce the risk of infection include:

Wash your hands if possible before managing the wound. You could also use an antibacterial hand sanitiser.

Put on the disposable gloves provided in your first aid kit.

Try to avoid breathing or coughing over the wound.

Cleaning of the wound depends on the type and severity of the wound, including the severity of the bleeding. You may just clean around the wound.

Cover the wound with a sterile dressing. Try not to touch the dressings surface before applying it to the wound.

Seek medical advice or call 999 for an ambulance if life threatening.

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