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Assist First Aid

Call the experts in First Aid Training for Sussex and Surrey.

First Aid is a vital skill in today’s society. We are all expected to be able to help those in need, and when you are able to step up under pressure with the correct training, you can save a life. First Aid training courses are hugely beneficial, and will have you prepared to do what is needed should an emergency situation develop in front of you. Most people have a first aid kit at home and at work, but how many really know how to use its contents? Assist First Aid are here to make sure that you and your staff are competent to adminster first aid should it be necessary.

Our first aid courses include procedures such as CPR and treatment for other serious injuries, which can potentially prevent fatalities. Our First Aid at Work course covers an array of injuries, conditions and illnesses which you will be taught to deal with efficiently and effectively. Should you be called upon to help a casualty, you will have the knowledge to implement the correct treatment.

As professionals working with the ambulance service, we are passionate about giving as many businesses as possible the expertise to handle emergency situations without having to call out a paramedic. If is a requirement of any business that immediate attention is available should anyone be injured or taken ill, so it is your responsibility to train your staff to an adequate standard. We will come to your workplace to provide training to your team, up to 12 people at a time. We offer an Emergency First Aid at Work course which is very popular for businesses with a lot going on, who are unable to take the full 18 hours out to complete the full course.

For those working with children, we offer a Paediatric First Aid course, covering injuries and illnesses more likely to occur when working with children and infants. This includes conditions such as meningitis and sickle cell that may be more likely to occur when working with children.

If you are looking for first aid courses in Sussex and Surrey, Assist First Aid are here to help you fulfill your requirements. Contact us to find out more about any of our courses.

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