Important Life Skills

Important Life Skills

Valuable, first aid training to help people deal with both minor and more serious emergencies underpins everything we do at Assist First Aid.

First Aid is a skill that we believe everyone should know, so we are passionate about teaching correct techniques and procedures to as many people as possible. Knowing even the most basic first aid skills can save lives, and is a requirement of any business, so it is your responsibility to make sure that your staff attend a First Aid at Work or Emergency First Aid at Work course. These qualifications can be added to a CV, and is highly transferable to day to day life, so we would recommend taking the time out from work for a few hours and letting us come and teach a first aid course.

As experienced Community First Responders, we have dealt with many injuries, and can share our experience to help prepare you for when an emergency situation might develop. It is vital to have the understanding of what to do in order to promote the casualty’s recovery, and this is what we cover in our courses. From broken bones to head injuries, bleeds to spinal damage, we cover all aspects of first aid that could be needed to look after someone suffering from an injury or illness.

We teach a course specifically aimed at first aid for children and infants, which is popular amongst those working in schools, nurseries and as part of youth sports teams. The Paediatric First Aid course is a 12 hour course, covering the basics of first aid training as well as illnesses more likely to occur in children than adults.

If you would like more information, please contact us for first aid courses in Sussex and Surrey.

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