First Aid Training in Sussex

First Aid Training in Sussex

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As experienced Community First Responders, we at Assist First Aid are passionate about providing the best first aid training possible in Sussex. We come into businesses and give professional training to yourself and your staff. It is a legal requirement that you provide immediate assistance to anyone on your premises should they be injured or taken ill, so it is a good idea to have a few qualified staff members who can fulfil these needs. Our courses can be scheduled to fit around your working week, so you can remain productive while learning about First Aid.

Our First Aid at Work course is very popular amongst businesses of all sizes, and we can teach a group of up to 12 people over an 18 hour course, after which they will receive their qualifications. This first aid course covers everything from an initial assessment of the casualty through to treatment of injuries and illnesses, such as broken bones, allergic reactions and head injuries. Having completed this course, your staff will be confident to deal with emergency situations, which could potentially save a life one day.

If you are working with children (in a school, nursery, youth group or sports team), we run a more specialised Paediatric First Aid course, which covers conditions more commonly suffered by children. We all know how injury-prone children can be, so it makes sense to be as prepared as you can should an emergency situation develop. A 12 hour course, we teach you the basic skills needed as a first aider, and how to deal with illnesses such as meningitis, sickle cell and more.

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