In a nutshell, about us

Since 2011, Heather has spread her words of wisdom, ‘if its wet, warm and not yours, wear your gloves’, to businesses across the South East of England.

Whilst her teaching career certainly did not start with such a catch phrase, Heather’s job as a nursery school manager back in early 2000’s would have her admit, the same advice would have applied… 

Heather’s path  of first aid stemmed from a fascination with biology, a medical family and a desire to help people. After many years of volunteering as an on-call Community First Responder, Heather decided she wanted to do more. As her children grew, she decided to be brave and step into a new venture – her own business teaching first aid. 

Since then, Assist First Aid has grown to offer flexible, affordable, on-site training to businesses across Sussex, Surrey and the rest of the South East from a range of experienced trainers committed to quality training; and all live by the mantra, ‘if its wet, warm and not yours, wear your gloves’!

Where do we go?

We come to you - from Brighton in the south, Guildford in the west, Epsom to the north and Tunbridge Wells to the east and all in between. If you’re outside of these areas, simply give us a call and we’ll get back to you with options that best suit your business needs or you as an individual.

What will you get?

From every single Assist First Aid course you will get quality training, peace of mind and HSE compliance. We pride ourselves on building confidence of our course attendees so anyone who has been through a course with us is ready to handle an emergency situation at home or in the workplace.

Why choose us?

Our trainers are friendly, fully qualified and professional. They are experienced with practical experience responding to emergency calls as Community First Responders (the first person on the scene of a 999 call, while waiting for an ambulance to arrive).

First Aid Training in Sussex

Call our professional support team on 07887 537167

Who else has trusted us?

This is Khola bandaging Isabelle’s leg, after making sure there was nothing embedded and giving it a good clean.  What is missing though?  Remember to always wear gloves if you are treating a casualty with any bodily fluid showing! Dangers of contamination.

Ansar checking his unresponsive casualty to see if she is breathing normally.  He’s part way through the DRSABCD process, an essential procedure to find out if a casualty has any life threatening conditions and if immediate first aid is necessary.

Staff at JR Print, Horsham celebrate a successful Emergency First Aid at Work course. Everybody is feeling far more confident both in work and at home. In an emergency always call 999 and wait with the patient until the emergency services arrive.

Rosewood Ltd, Highgate training more of their staff to take control in an emergency situation.  An essential check of an unresponsive casualty to see if they are breathing normally – if they are, the next step is to turn them into the recovery position.

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