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Rosewood Ltd, Highgate training more of their staff to take control in an emergency situation.  An essential check of an unresponsive casualty to see if they are breathing normally – if they are, the next step is to turn them into the recovery position.

Ensure their airway is unobstructed and any fluid will drain from their mouth. Maintaining a clear airway is always the priority to make sure the person can keep breathing. You might need to roll them onto their side, but spinal injury is always a possibility in anyone involved in an accident. There are ways of placing an injured person on their side so that there is very little movement to their spine. You can learn these skills in a first aid course by contacting Heather Kingdon of Assist First Aid Training.

Things to remember...

Some knowledge of basic first aid could mean the difference between life and death.

Consider doing a first aid course with Assist First Aid by speaking to Heather Kingdon.

CPR is a life-saving skill that everyone should learn.

Keep a first aid kit at home, in the car and at work.

Dial 999, stay calm, be positive and remain focussed.

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