Infant First Aid

Infant First Aid

We are passionate about making sure you are prepared for any emergency, especially when children are involved. As paramedics working with the ambulance service, we know the sense of urgency that comes with an infant casualty, and run a course on Paediatric First Aid so that you can react should your child be injured or ill.

With our experience working as cover for the ambulance service, we know that emergency calls regarding infants and children take priority over similar incidents involving adults, and having seen a number of parents panicking about the situation, we have seen first hand the benefits of basic First Aid knowledge. Having first aid training can make a parent or guardian feel a lot more in control and useful when dealing with the situation. On top of this, having the correct training could prevent the deterioration of a potentially fatal situation.

We all know that children can be clumsy, and can be hurt easily. As a responsible adult, it is your duty to be able to deal with injuries, whether they be a simple cut or a more serious broken bone. Anyone working with children, for example childminders, youth workers, teachers or sports coaches should be qualified to administer first aid, and our first aid training courses are perfect for anyone needing to learn from scratch or with previous qualifications. We also understand that working with children is an intense job and we can come to you to provide first aid training.

In addition to the Paediatric First Aid course, we offer First Aid at Work and AED/CPR courses, which can be good to have as a first aider, as they give a wider spectrum of skills and understanding. Contact Assist First Aid for training in our centre or at your place of work.

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