Fun group training

Fun group training

We firmly believe that attending a first aid course shouldn’t be a chore, and we strive to deliver our training in a way that is interesting, practical and fun!

Assist First Aid offers a high level of training to help you and your staff deal with all kinds of first aid emergencies. We offer first aid training courses that can be taught in your workplace. We provide a flexible, friendly training service delivered to a high standard and with minimum disruption to your business, as we understand that an 18 hour course can be a distraction to your staff. However, having a first aider on the premises is a legal requirement, so the First Aid at Work course is a necessary investment of time and money.

We understand that not everybody shares our passion for first aid training, so our training is structured in a way that can be enjoyable. We believe that people learn best when they enjoy learning, so we always try to use homour on our courses while learning these vital life saving skills. You will learn all about the basics of first aid, what should be in a first aid kit, and how to treat injuries and illnesses, and will use manikins and specialist dummies to practice CPR and procedure for a choking casualty.

The Paediatric First Aid Course is aimed at those working with children, and can be a really fun course to take part in, even though the course covers some serious matters. This course is ideal for those working in schools, sports teams and nurseries, as injuries and illnesses that occur with this age group evoke more emotion and worry.  It is therefore important that someone is qualified to take care of any children needing medical attention.

For more information, please contact us for first aid training courses in Sussex and Surrey.

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