Southeast First Aid

First Aid in the South East

We provide first aid training to businesses all over Sussex, Surrey and the South East and are passionate about the service we provide.

Our first aid courses will give you and your staff the qualifications needed to fulfil your legal requirement to have a first aider in the workplace. With a number of courses to choose from, we can offer you the Emergency First Aid at Work course, which lasts six hours and will give you a basic understanding of how to treat simple injuries and illnesses. For a more in-depth course, have a look at the First Aid at Work, which covers all you could need to get you through an emergency, hopefully without having to call for an ambulance. However it the situation is serious enough  that an ambulance is called, at least you will have the confidence to manage the casualty until it turns up.

It is important to know how to give first aid to those in need, as you could potentially be saving a life. Although our courses are aimed at businesses, these skills are transferable into the real world, where you could need to provide assistance to anyone at any time. Our Automated External Defibrillator (AED)/CPR course is particularly important, as it teaches a skill needed to preserve life in situations when a casualty is no longer breathing normally. AEDs are found in public, and without training, can seem intimidating, so it is beneficial to know exactly how to use one correctly and with confidence.

We also offer regular training courses in Sussex, Surrey and across the South East for those who have existing qualifications and wish to refresh their knowledge of First Aid. Keeping up to date with your first aid training can help to save lives, so is something we are very enthusiastic about.

Contact Assist First Aid for training from experienced professionals who have worked with the ambulance service.

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